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the sims 2 station

Idea's For The Sims 2 Expansions

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E-mail me at and write atleast five things you will like to see on a Sims 2 Expansion pack and I will put them on this page for people to read and ill send them off to The Sims 2 !Team!

< Sims can have a cell phone or pager but would have to pay cell phone bills!

<can ship packages or send letters or emails to your friends


>have horses to ride and look after

<More death causes such as: sick, old age, shocked, or a few more things.

and like when a sim dies, they should be able to have a wake, funeral, and

buriel service, or at least ceremony. and a notice should go out to everyone who

knew the sim or sims who are just being nice. also the babies should be able

to die also. just like any other sims, also more food choice better

furniture,paintings,sculptures, bigger yards. and many choices for interactions,


friendly kiss, french kiss, Freaky kiss, Married kiss, Holy Kiss. and they

should put a few religions on the game like christianity, buddism, catholic, and

the should put angels in the game like, guardian angels,Archangels, Holy

messengers from God,Fallen Angels. undercover Angels,Angels of Death but there can

>be either one of these angels in each religion, but the angels that has to do

with God(the real God).each angel has a unique roll. Guardian Angels are to be

assigned to every sim. they also cannot be seen for any reason only us( the

people who are controlling the game) can see them and every angel in this game

can appear to anyone except guardian angels, but they can appear to others.

they also can accompany their assignment at a time of need.Archangels can come

un announced at any time, they can appear to a group of people or an

individual. Gabriel is the annunciation angel. he tells the mother that she is


child he tell her what she is having. and after the annunciation the archangel

blesses the mother and wisher her luck. and after that a group of heavenly beings

appear in a brilliant light. but archangels should appear in a golden bright

beautiful light. Michael comes when a child runs away and is abducted by

aliens. and they should be the only ones that can cure the color and species of


children and family. Holy messengers are angels that appear in a bright

white illuminated light and they shall be dressed in fine linen and the color

should be white and gold trim and no shoes on . they give messages only when a

christian chooses another religion. any ways i think you get the picture. and the

should put about 4 cemeteries in the game and they should make some funeral

cars. and caskets should be on sale in buy mode and there should different

kinds for each aging stage. and about 5 colors for each casket for each age. like

grey, white , sky blue, wood, pink, brown, and we should be able to design

our caskets. like on the sky blue casket, add clouds on the casket. and they

should put a few florist in the game , build funeral parlos, hospitals, coroners

headquarters. and also when some one die a coroner, medical tech should come

and thet should observe the body and finally the coroner take the body away.

after the coroner get done the body should be shifted to a funeral parlor.also

another feature for the newspaper is obituary. so when a sim dies whether if

you are playing with that family or not. and in 2 days you will have to take

some clothes to the funeral home. and 2 days later its the wake at the funeral

home. and the next day its the funeral. and then its off to the burial. and

another thing is. flowers we should be able to pick for the funeral and wake, and

wedding. like white flowers with doves and yellow flowers, red roses, pink

roses, and many more. and we should be able put a picture of the deceased at the

ceremony or funeral. or if the sims choses to have a tombstone put in their

back yard , then so be it. oh, as soon as the sim die, a bright light should

shine the whole place where the body is and an Angel should appear and take the

sim to heaven, but only if the sim lived a good life. but babies automatically

goes to heaven. and when the angel comes the person that is dead should be

clothed in white fine linen but only the ones who lived a good life, and they

can return to earth anytime to visit a loveone or friend. also better clothing,

and sims should be able to change their hairstyles when ever they want. or

they can go get it done. you should be able to controll people who are visiting

the lot but only if you want to. they need better jobs, better social options,

like talk about day, business or a certain person. if the makers of the Sims2

want to make this new sims2 the best. then they should make the game more


<I think they should have a mall.

>Have kids to make tree houses or the kids can go to friends houses and make tree

houses at thier place.


< In the first Sims right when the sims woke up they start getting tired right away. I think their good moods should last longer so they can do more things in one day. (like Sims online) Specially the 'energy' bar! • I think the Sims 2 should have cars and be able to use them. If a kid misses the bus, the parents should be able to bring them to shcool and pick them up after. The adults should also be able to drive themselves to work.

>Is there gonna be daycare for the babies and children, while parents are at work. Are there gonna be bunkbeds for the children Are there gonna be more baby items such as: stollers, carseats, walkers, etc.... Can the sims wear name brand clothes like we do such as fubu, rocawear, gucci. Can the children and babies die, or be killed. Such as house fire, drowning in pool, or hit by a car. Is there gonna be better jobs like: lawyer, bartender, babysitter, etc... Can the teenagers get pregnant. When the school bus comes for the childrem and teens to go to school, can you see other sims on the bus to. Do the children really have spring break. Do the sims have weekends in the game to where they don't have to go to work or school everyday.

<section is that when a fire starts the house burns down leaving just ashes, no walls or floors.


> If teens are on the phone too much the parents would make them get off. Another thing would be to have cats and dogs like the Sims Unleashed, but they would be able to grow too!