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the sims 2 station

Gossip and Rumours

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Here are some rumours I have heard about The Sims 2.
The rumours that are deffinetly true will have a # next to it.
1. Sims can have twins and triplets.  #
2. Sims will actually get dressed, not just spin and they are already dressed.
3. They can have haircuts.
4. You can make their clothes using the Create A Sim Tool. #
5. They have their own car to drive to places such as the shops and work.
6. They will know that their first, second and even third cousins are related to them. #
7. Teen Sims cannot get pregnant. #
8. You can teach toddlers to walk. #
9. Your Sims can visit neigbours. #
10. Your Sims will be able to speak your language. (not true, but would be cool in an expansion pack).
11. Teen Sims can run away from home. #
More rumours comming soon